I Was a Teenage Weredeer is a fantastic first installment of The Bright Falls Mysteries Series that I found positively deerlightful! I’m not usually a fan of Young Adult or Urban Fantasy, but this novel is truly a departure from the norm.

This is a story that transcends genre and plays on tropes, offering a rather cynical side of YA that I found to be refreshing.

Written in the same world as Phipps’ Straight Outta Fangton, Weredeer introduces a new protagonist in the form of Jane Doe (yes, you read that correctly). Jane seemed to be a lot like Bella from Twilight, only capable and likeable. She finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery after her brother becomes a suspect, and finds herself teamed up with a mysterious FBI agent. Pop culture references fly like fouls at a AA ballgame.

I found Jane very easy to identify with due to her vast capacity for cynicism,  sarcasm, and a never-ending supply of teenage angst. The plot moves forward at a steady pace, keeping the pages turning.

Not only is the story very well-told, a variety of societal issues are addressed, making this a weightier read than your average YA novel. There is something for everyone between these pages.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend I Was a Teenage Weredeer to a Young Adult-Adult readership. My only suggestion is to make sure you block out a good amount of time for yourself before you begin this read, as you probably won’t be going anywhere until the last page is turned.


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