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Ty Arthur’s Epic Light Dawning


Light Dawning was a labor of pain that gestated for a year and a half, born of circumstances as grim and dark as the story itself.

Once known as the City on the Hill and revered far and wide for its independence and boundless opportunity, Cestia has become home only to the damned. Surviving under the brutal occupation of a southern empire for three long years, the oppressed populace has lost hope of liberation, turning instead towards an increasingly desperate rebellion willing to commit any atrocity for a chance at freedom.

As total war approaches, four lost souls trapped behind Cestia’s walls are on a collision course with fate, destined to either save the city or see it utterly destroyed while calling on forces beyond mankind’s comprehension. For good or ill, the light of a new day is about to dawn.

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Veronica Scott’s Danger in the Stars



She’s an alien empath. He’s an interstellar mob enforcer.

Miriell, a powerful empathic priestess, has been kidnapped from her own primitive planet along with a number of her people, and sold to the evil Amarotu Combine, largest organized crime syndicate in the Sectors. When she and her handler are sent to use her power to commit an assassination, she must leave behind her own sister as hostage to ensure her compliance. Miriell cannot ask for aid without endangering herself and others.

Despite his best efforts, Combine enforcer Conor Stewart is entranced by Miriell, and helps her evade the worst of brutal treatment from the rest of the mob. But Conor must keep his distance, before the lovely empath learns that he has secrets of his own–secrets that could get them both killed.

The situation becomes dire when Conor and Miriell come to the attention of both the Combine overlords and the deadly Mawreg, aliens who threaten the Sectors. Can she save herself and the Mawreg’s next victims? And will Conor help her, or remain loyal to his evil bosses?

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Review of Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists


Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists was a captivating read from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong; some stories hooked me more than others – as can be expected in any anthology.

Overall, I found this a tantalizing read that delivered wholesale on the mysterious and melancholy promise of the cover.

The stories within, written by a cornucopia of names easily recognizable by anyone familiar with the genre were, without exception, well-written and well-edited. Each had a gritty, soiled feel that left me thirsting for more. And yet, strangely, the piece that I found most stirring was not fiction at all, but rather the Foreword by R. Scott Bakker.

In “On the Goodness of Evil,” Bakker sumptuously defines grimdark in striking terms that give context and meaning to the genre in today’s world of moral turbidity. Bakker paints the grimdark genre in terms of perspective, grounding it firmly within cultural and historical contexts. According to Bakker, grimdark’s pillars run contrary to our cultural norms of good and evil, bringing the nature of evil itself into question as a construct of historical and religious stereotypes.

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The Epic World of Tamyrh by J.I. Rogers


“As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military Research and Development, mark him as a specter from their warlike past.

With only his intellect holding his sanity in place, he wages a private war against the entire socioeconomic status quo, and begins to uncover the truth that threatens them all.”

Is there a system of magic?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Clarkes Third Law

Using the above qualifier, there are several ‘magical/paranormal/preternatural’ elements in my series, but book one doesn’t delve into them beyond leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Continue reading “The Epic World of Tamyrh by J.I. Rogers”

The Epic Known World by D.N. Frost


Centuries ago, the prophetic Golden Age ended in war, and history spiraled into darkness. Now, only scholars retain the last portent of the mythic city A’lara, concealed in a distant glade for the advent of the dragon mage.

At the edge of the Known World, the slave Larin escapes her new lord before she meets his dark masters. Deep in the mountains, the legendary elf Kingard awaits his call to battle. When young Darek flees imperial mages tasked to exterminate shape-shifters, he launches them all on a voyage to redeem their unsought destiny.

United by fate and guided by prophesy, their growing band of fugitives journey for A’lara to fight the ancient evil infiltrating the capital.

But looming over the gears of fate, their enemies follow the same prophesies. With the unknown close upon them, Kingard and his allies face a mortal quest to restore their infected empire.

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Dulled Mind by Jared J. Fleming


Dulled Mind is a novel, simply put, about Naomi’s life. And Naomi’s life isn’t exactly easy.

She goes from port to port, trying to hide her true nature as a psion from an intolerant and fearful world. She makes her living by being hired by governments to destroy targets, to complete missions that those in power don’t want their names attached to. One wrong move, and a planet turns against her. One misstep, and people around her die. She’s been doing this for fifteen years, and every day, she knows she comes closer to making enemies with the wrong people, displaying her powers at the wrong time. How long until the balancing act falls apart?

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The Epic World of Hell Bent, PA by Kayla Matt

WelcomeToHellBentThe Hell Bent series follows a family of genetic experiments, cyborgs, and magic users as they try to live their normal lives. However, their peace is disrupted by the various enemies they’ve made over time.

Arc 1: Travis Malone and Dr. Spencer Abbot never expected their lives to devolve into a sheer nightmare until they encountered Jesse Lynn Belle.

Visions- A quest that began with a hunt for an anniversary gift turns into a struggle to stay alive.

Retribution- Five months after the Visions Incident, Travis and Spencer learn that they still aren’t safe. RetributionPaperbackArc1.png

Destruction- Another four months pass. And Travis is taken from his home and loved ones and thrust into his own personal hell.DestructionPaperbackFrontCover

Arc 2: After the various encounters with Jesse, Dr. Abbot feels it is time he learns to defend himself. But then his life goes downhill when he chooses the wrong teacher…

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Review of Lucifer’s Star by CT Phipps and Michael Suttkus

Lucifers Star (Small) (1)

An Enthralling and Unpredictable Dark Space Opera

Cassius Mass had everything…until the moment he had nothing. Former hero-starfighter-pilot, nobleman of the Crius Archduchy, Cassius Mass lost the war, his family, saw his home world destroyed, and lost the capacity to appreciate the cause that drove him to such heroic and barbaric efforts in the first place. Now a broken man and dysfunctional navigator, Cassius survives on alcohol and memory drugs, living under an assumed identity and an assumed face… until his true identity is discovered.

Then it all goes downhill from there.

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The Epic World of Cedron by Richard Writhen

18175732_10155261580879138_1775785634_o“Two petty mercenaries are falsely accused of switching sides in a feud between two rich and powerful magnates; an ex-miner on the run from a murder charge becomes a reaver and embroiled in a romance; an industrial lieutenant is recruited to help capture a serial killer and an entire city is in danger of being ensorcelled by an ancient monk.”

What makes your world special or different?

Nothing, really. Most fantasy worlds are amalgams of stuff from IRL, popular culture, other fantasy worlds. The approach and execution are what may be different … how certain aspects are handled, their prominence, etcetera.

How does your main character fit into this world?

I don’t have any single protagonist. I use the Stephen King / H.P. Lovecraft / Joe Abercrombie style of integration where the characters all think that they are the “main” character of the story, much like IRL. It improves the flow of the narrative and each character sees a different part of the puzzle, as it were. A direct satire of our reality is what the best grimdark speculative fiction gives the reader, in my opinion.

Is there a system of magic?

I use a hybrid of David Eddings, “the will and the word” style of magic where it’s directed by psychological force yet specified by phonetic command. Different words in their languages do different things depending on context, though they can perform voiceless tasks as well as in Harry Potter Saga.

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