King O’Saka is soon to be the richest man in the world. He has been put in charge of the Dark Grimoires,(The most extensive book of evil spells and documents). His infant son and a baby gorilla, named Saka & Thundar will be known as the Twin Souls and they will become the most powerful beings on the planet. Icya Assasen, a beautiful enchantress will be their guide through a dangerous world of dark magic, legendary monsters, treachery, and death, that will lead to a great ancient power.

Loved ones will be lost, and true love will be found,in this ultimately original Coming-of-Age Young Adult Naturalistic SciFi/Dark Fantasy Journey.

Background of Twin Souls

What makes your world special or different?

And ape will fight monsters. The ape is regarded as a Prince among humans. The ape will eventually be able to speak. At first he uses sign language, then telepathy. There is a lake where only animals can enter. Many treasures and dangerous artifacts and evil emortal people are deposited there for safekeeping. Popobawa, one of our newest legendary monsters of folklore lives in this imaginary world. He is forty years new. The Hazain army are stationed on elaborate tree houses surrounding the castle. Different items of power a hidden in this amazing world.

Little Thundar & Saka

How does your main character fit into this world?

Prince Saka is the heir to the throne of Ardhi Anasa, and him and his brother Thunder will be the rulers of Hazina, The Golden Fortress. He was a stillborn baby. In order to save his life, a dark magical ritual was performed that took the soul and life from a infant gorilla and put into him. The infant gorilla was Thundar’s twin brother. On an adventure they will find two medallions that will give them great powers. Their father is one of the greatest Kings ever and he is teaching them to be greater than him,fight for good, respect their almost limitless power, and leave a honorable and proud legacy.

Icya Sade Assasen is a powerful Enchantress and the heroine of my novel.

She is the beautiful, brave and adventurous daughter of the evil Voodoo King, Congion Asasen but she is somehow allied with his enemies. She joins the fight for what is good using black magic and her amazing wits. Prince Saka and Icya’s destinies are undeniably intertwined. Icya has an undying, unconditional love for Prince Saka. She was born in Ardhi Anasa/ inside the castle/taken away by her evil father. She believes she is Saka’s true love.. She is actually two characters in the novel.

 Magic is based on vooodo and black magic

What are the people who inhabit your world like?

There are a lot based on biblical creatures like the giants/angels, the leviathan. Satan! There are animal who a claimed to be the original ones. Demons and Witches! There are no homeless people. Their house and food are taken care of by the rulers.

Are there any magical creatures?

we gave him powere ani.gif

Zolator and Polaris are two Master Rhino that run faster than cheetahs. Icya Changes into several different animals and characters. Popobawa is a man by day and bat-winged one eyed monster by night. Demon generals and legions.

Is there anything special, precious, or unique about your world’s geography or its place in the universe?

Treazur Lake- Can only be entered by animals. There are portals in the trees.

What are the two most interesting facts or features of your world?

The bond between Prince Saka and Thundar is admirable. The love for Saka that Icya display is to die for.

 Is there a religious system in place?

Yeshua is their God and King O’Saka is a very religious man, He prays all the time!

What is one last thing you would like readers to know all about your world?

It is based around the Ugandan country of Africa, highly imaginative and surprisingly believable. Zulin, the Asia female on the cover is the Maytr of the story.


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