I have been looking forward to this novella since I finished To Brave the End, and I was not disappointed; Scars of the Sand was even better! I have become an avid fan of Frank Dorrian. His work is dark, gritty, and gruesomely beautiful.

Dorrian is a master at dragging steaming entrails through the mud to produce art of the highest caliber.

Scars of the Sand tells the story of Harlin, a warrior-slave consigned to the fighting pits. As a boy, Harlin watched his family captured and sold on the block–his mother and sisters into sexual slavery and his father to his death in the fighting pits. Having proved himself a formidable opponent in his own right, Harlin finds himself matched against Ethiki the Bastard, the man-crusher, a monster of a warrior who has murdered hundreds of men. As Harlin trains to embrace his impending heroism or doom, will his scarred and tortuous past prove to be boon or burden?

I am just so in love with Frank Dorrian’s writing. It is gritty, visceral, and engrossing. Dorrian paints his scenes so vividly it’s like reading the brushstrokes of a master. The reader is saturated with scene and transported into the world.

Dorrian’s ignoble characters are brilliantly crafted in all their flaws, guts, and grit. They drip with sweat, blood and brutality.

I highly recommend Scars of the Sand, as well as To Brave the End, the first novella in this series of stand-alones. Buy it. You will thank me!