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Anabet Haines dreamed about traveling from the family farm to the exotic places her Aunt Gillian described, so when her aunt recruited her as the next portal traveler, Bet jumped at the chance.

In the capital of Nokar, Bet and Gill were tasked with traveling through a portal to locate a thief, Rolf Peters, and the portal key he stole.

After one lesson in hand-to-hand combat and the use of a knife from weapons instructor Morgan, a visit to Cass the magician to obtain a substitute key for the portal, and a dressmaker for appropriate clothing for the journey the situation escalated. A rebel group threatened the High Council and abducted Morgan, forcing Gill to remain behind while Bet had to travel alone.

Cass provided Bet with a green apple as the substitute portal key, and three enchanted red apples to help her find anything that isn’t natural to the world at the other end of the portal. He led Bet to the entrance to the portal and sent her on her way.

With little training, four enchanted apples and a knife from Morgan, can Bet locate the thief and return him to Nokar? Or has she bit off more than she can chew?

What is the name of your world?

Bet’s world is Nokar, but she also travels to Earth and to Lamady in this first book in the series.

What makes your world special or different?

There are portals between worlds, although few know about them.

How does your main character fit into this world?

She’s recruited as a portal traveler near the beginning of the story and works for the ruling council of her world.

Is there a system of magic?

No one knows how the portals work. They require keys that can be any mundane item to use them, although the apples Bet uses are enchanted by Cass.

What are the people who inhabit your world like?

The people of Nokar are similar enough to us that the Earthers Bet meets think she’s from England. Her clothing is similar to that of 18th century on our world.

How does the landscape or geography of your world affect the plot or theme of the story?

Nokar has little technology, in fact some of what the people have was brought back by travelers to other more advanced worlds.

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