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Meredith Mestlven was abused and betrayed by her nobleman husband. After a desperate fit of retaliation, she fled for her life and lost her sanity. Now nearly 20 years later, she returns to her home at Sorrow Watch to destroy her enemies and reclaim her jewels.

Is there a system of magic?

There was a great god war. The skies opened up. The gods formed ranks and charged into each other. It lasted tens of thousands of years, and during that time, gods were falling dead from the sky like meteors. As they died, their blood stained the world with magic. That magic haunts that ground. So when wizards cast, they summon that power up from the ground into their aura, form it with incantations, and fire it out of their bodies, or cause it to affect the world around them.

What are the people who inhabit your world like?

Liefdom-forest-sq.jpgWhen gods died, the people that lived in that area became warped and changed into races that resembled those gods. So you have a plethora of races that people the world. I’ll give you an example. There is a race called the trimerian. The god that died there had three eyes. The third eye in the middle of his forehead was a source of power and magic for him. He was an old god, an ancient god, older than all the others. So when his blood seeped into the ground, the people of that region became nearly immortal. A trimerian can open his or her third eye and see various things. They can see the air as if it was pooling in eddies or flowing like a river. This is not a big deal until you’re in perfect darkness. If you can see the air move, then you can see in that darkness. The eye of the trimerian has many different uses and the trimerian is just one race in my world.

Are there any magical creatures?

My world has dragons. I try not to overdo it. My dragons are extremely powerful and very, very old. In the writing I’ve done, there have been three dragons, and legend of a fourth. One of them was the mother of all dragons and she was killed early in my world. Another one fell in love with a man and helped him become king before falling into unknown for tens of thousands of years. There is a malevolent force growing in a swamp. People don’t really know what it is, but it’s a dragon. We won’t see him for a long time. The dragons in my world are used to accent my stories. I think a lot of people can get easily carried away with dragons. They become a cliché if they’re used too much. So far, my dragons like to stay in a human form that all dragons can take. They don’t call attention to themselves because there are so few of them and they’re not immortal.

Chaste-church-sqIs there anything special, precious, or unique about your world’s geography or its place in the universe?

The geography was formed in large part by the wars of the races that took place after the god war. The races of the world were trying to find their place in it. As a result, extremely powerful wizards rose up and wielded a kind of magic that has been banished from my world, called elder magic. Elder magic is highly volatile, and in the places where the greatest battles were fought, it had a great impact on the geography. There are mountain ranges that were created when certain wizards fought there. Deserts that were created because of magic battles between one coven and another. Elder magic was banished from the world but its mark is still seen and felt because it scarred the land.

What are the two most interesting facts or features of your world?

My world is surrounded by two other worlds, but all three are on separate planes. There’s the world that 90% of my stories take place in, where you’ll find the races and the gods’ influence. There’s a world wrapped around that world, on a separate plane of existence, called The Veil. This is where fairies live, satyrs, dryads. One of my books takes place there. The other world is hell, and it is accessible through spells and very few other processes. I’ve written a book here as well. That book is dark. It was a rough couple of months writing that book. All three of these worlds interact and cause ripples in each other.

Is there a religious system in place?

The gods that survived the war are now in power, but they’re still suffering from the god war, and there’s still a constant struggle going on between enemies of that war. There’s a certain unrest in the heavens with old animosities coming through in the way that has huge ramifications on the people who live in that world. To some extent, there’s a distrust between the people and the gods.


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