Devil’s Night Dawning is an immersive venture into a meticulously-crafted fantasy world.

How else to describe this novel, other than a juxtaposition of The Exorcist, Kingdom of Heaven and Game of Thrones? If that sounds like a stretch, rest assured—this author took on quite a challenge! And he delivered.

Devil’s Night Dawning begins with an exorcism that foretells the gathering of dark forces threatening to spill into the world from the Other Side. Adelko, a novice of the Order of St. Argo, along with his master, Brother Horskram, find themselves embroiled in this perilous clash of powers when a fragment of a potent relic is stolen from their monastery by a powerful warlock.

Adelko and Horskram embark upon a quest to stop this evil before catastrophic events can unfold. Along the way, they meet up with the errant squire Vaskrian and find themselves in turns ensnared, ensorcelled, and ultimately besieged in a war that epically unfolds in shocking, graphic detail.

Damien Black is a master world-builder who draws from a meticulously-researched collection of history and legend that ranges from the militant Orders of the Roman Church to Norse and Celtic mythology, delving into the darkest mysteries of Abrahamic traditions and knightly chivalry. The religious system is very cleverly contrived.

This is an epic novel with all the trappings, bells, and whistles (and with a healthy page count). It is not a light read, but meant for readers who are thankful to have their intellect engaged in a story.

Highly recommended for adults who appreciate dark epic fiction that doesn’t shy away from violence.