Dulled Mind is a novel, simply put, about Naomi’s life. And Naomi’s life isn’t exactly easy.

She goes from port to port, trying to hide her true nature as a psion from an intolerant and fearful world. She makes her living by being hired by governments to destroy targets, to complete missions that those in power don’t want their names attached to. One wrong move, and a planet turns against her. One misstep, and people around her die. She’s been doing this for fifteen years, and every day, she knows she comes closer to making enemies with the wrong people, displaying her powers at the wrong time. How long until the balancing act falls apart?

Is there a system of magic?

Psionics is the system of magic in this world. Some people are born with an innate connection to Subspace, from which they can pull energy to influence reality around them. Psionics only works in organic creatures, and so those who are psionic are naturally repulsed by people who augment themselves mechanically. In this Subspace realm, the beings hunt psions, trying to convince the poor psions to give up their bodily autonomy, and instead let the creature take over. They pelt psions with nightmares, with visions of terror or beauty, trying to convince innocent people who have experienced these horrors since birth to enter into their Faustian deals.

What are the people who inhabit your world like?

The galaxy is comprised of millions of different governments, but the most plot-relevant ones right now are The Imperial Dynasty of Malap’ator. They’re an empire run by technocrats who maintain an mysterious God-Machine, and their political officers are known as Commissars, ranging from Commissar-Cadet, the lowest rank, to Grand Commissar-General, the highest.

Are there any non-human characters?

There are thousands of alien races. In fact, humans don’t exist anymore. They exist as dozens of subspecies of the original Homo Sapiens race, from Homo Sapiens Psionicus, a race of humans with enhanced psionic powers, to Homo Sapiens Gianticus, a race that developed on low-gravity worlds and are, as a result, inhumanly tall and lanky. AI doesn’t exist in a form I would personally call “people,” but it is getting fairly advanced, and some cultures practice mind uploading. That is, copying a person’s brain and putting it into a machine as a data file. That’s the closest the world has to an AI that’s completely robotic, but I don’t think you could call that “artificial,” could you?


Is there anything special, precious, or unique about your world’s geography or its place in the universe?

Actually, yeah. One of the major settings, a planet called Tanak Secundus, is a planet full of an extremely rare substance called Psithium, which enhances psionic abilities. It’s currently controlled by a rogue state, and the crew of swashbuckling pirates Naomi is a member of gets hired to eliminate said rogue state and reclaim it in the name of the Imperial Dynasty. Of course, I can’t say too much more, given there’s a certain…spoilerish nature to anything else.

How does the landscape or geography of your world affect the plot or theme of the story?

Psithium enhances psionic properties. The main character, a psion, is going to a world full of it. There’s gonna be a lot of plot coming from that.

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