WelcomeToHellBentThe Hell Bent series follows a family of genetic experiments, cyborgs, and magic users as they try to live their normal lives. However, their peace is disrupted by the various enemies they’ve made over time.

Arc 1: Travis Malone and Dr. Spencer Abbot never expected their lives to devolve into a sheer nightmare until they encountered Jesse Lynn Belle.

Visions- A quest that began with a hunt for an anniversary gift turns into a struggle to stay alive.

Retribution- Five months after the Visions Incident, Travis and Spencer learn that they still aren’t safe. RetributionPaperbackArc1.png

Destruction- Another four months pass. And Travis is taken from his home and loved ones and thrust into his own personal hell.DestructionPaperbackFrontCover

Arc 2: After the various encounters with Jesse, Dr. Abbot feels it is time he learns to defend himself. But then his life goes downhill when he chooses the wrong teacher…

DeceptionPaperbackFrontDeception– Spencer seeks out a magic instructor. What he finds instead is a centuries-old mage with a major grudge against all things scientific.

Apparition (Coming soon)- Thanks to one Slade McManus, Dr. Abbot finds himself hiding from the law. And to make matters worse, he begins to see ghosts at random intervals. But is it a psychotic break on his part, or something more sinister?ApparitionFront

Obsession (Coming, hopefully, this fall)- Things seem to be back to normal in Dr. Abbot’s life, despite the fact that McManus is still out there. Not only that, but the doctor has gained a new instructor. But soon enough, McManus notices this new instructor, and begins to try and make a move on her. Can Dr. Abbot and Travis use this to their advantage, and bring McManus to justice?

What is the name of your world?

Hell Bent, PA.

What makes your world special or different?

Hell Bent is a city stationed just west of Philadelphia. Also known as the Lab Capital of the US, the city has about as many laboratories as some other cities do coffee shops. The school district is made of 3 towering buildings created to resemble Tesla coils.

How does your main character fit into this world?

I have 4 main characters overall. First off is Travis, an employee at the local comic shop and one of the few genetic experiments that had willingly undergone his alterations. However, his abilities have piqued many scientists’ interest, thus leading him to be picked up for testing at random times. Secondly we have Dr. Spencer Abbot: a general practitioner at Hell Bent General. He’s Travis’ brother-in-law/closest friend, and had entered the medical at an early age. Next is Beast, adoptive aunt to Travis and his sister, and the unofficial leader of a trio of city-sanctioned assassins. She was raised in one of the labs, where she was changed from a human child to a feline-human hybrid. Over time, she was trained to kill. And finally, we come to Gemini “Gemmy” Abbot (nee Malone): Travis’ younger sister, Spencer’s wife, the city’s leading yoga instructor, and the family’s resident pacifist. Not only does she teach yoga, but she owns the local studio.

Is there a system of magic? Or tell us about the technology of your world.

In Hell Bent, there is both magic and technology. The tech is mostly modern, but with a few futuristic elements. The police station, for instance, has developed a method of reading a suspect’s memories to determine their innocence or guilt.

As for the magic system, that is based in the four classic elements of nature. To find one’s element, they have to surround themselves with either earth, fire, water, or air (in this case, it’s more of a breeze as opposed to the air that surrounds a person by default. When someone immerses themselves in each element, they are expected to clear their mind. To focus on absolutely nothing until they feel something click. Once their element is discovered, they need to keep a sample of it on them with the intention of using it to cast. For example, someone that connects to earth or water would keep a vial of dirt or water with them (possibly tucked away in their clothing), or matches/a lighter for fire, fans for air. An alternate means of magical energy can be found in certain stones. Each element-based stone can be found in the residence of an already deceased magic user. The stones don’t generally match up to the deceased mage, though: if an earth mage is killed, one might find some fire stones by their previous dwelling. That being said, there are books of spells that are basically universal. However, a magic user’s element can give them greater proficiency with spells related to said element. If someone is a water mage, they will be more likely to hurl ice-based projectiles in a fight. Or with earth-based magic,  they might gravitate toward vines as a weapon. Things such as blast spells, teleportation, invisibility, and illusions? Definitely more universal.


What are the people who inhabit your world like?

The people that inhabit this world are variable, to say the least. There are a large number of scientists, however. Some specialize in geology, others in biology, chemistry, cybernetics… If you name a field of study, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone that at least dabbles in it. The city itself has its own laws, and is known for being exceptionally tough on crime. If someone is suspected of a crime, they will eventually be rounded up for experimentation. Genetic alterations have, for a long time, been seen as a marker for criminal activity. However, people can also be rounded up for being homeless, running away, merely being sold to a lab for drug money… In other words, the system of identifying criminals is…flawed, to say the least. Those that have been genetically altered generally have a harder time finding careers, nor are they really allowed to vote for the city’s mayor. The most successful genetic experiment is Dr. Serena Taylor, raised in the same lab as her twin sister Beast. At some point, she had decided to alter the two children she had adopted (but only with their permission; she might be a little crazy, but she’s not completely amoral) to see if  she could get the general opinion on them to change. There has been some success, but there are still the occasional misunderstandings (such as automatically assuming that someone has a criminal record just because they have a tail and opposable toes).

Are there any magical creatures?

Elves exist in the same world as Hell Bent. The director at Hell Bent General is part-elf, as are Slade and his father. There is also a griffin that lives somewhere in the woods (though she’s only in some of the short side stories, and can be rather surly). Beast is not only a feline-human hybrid, but she is also a cyborg. Most genetic experiments have some animal traits to them, as well.

Is there anything special, precious, or unique about your world’s geography or its place in the universe?

Hell Bent is basically that part of Pennsylvania that nobody really wants to associate with. They’re sort of like those weird neighbors that someone is too creeped out by to bother reporting them.

What are the two most interesting facts or features of your world?

Any streets in Hell Bent that are not numbered are named after famous scientists. Two of those are Edison and Tesla, and they meet at an intersection known for two things: their pizza place (Sparky’s), and for being the city’s foremost site for car wrecks. Also, the towers they use as schools have strips down their lengths that glow blue at night.

How does the landscape or geography of your world affect the plot or theme of the story?

It doesn’t tend to affect the series’ plot as a whole, but there are some locations that come into play in different stories. In one story, a few things are stolen from a lab supply store that end up factoring into the climax. Visions Studios, a film studio just outside of the city/tucked into the woods, comes directly into play in 2 parts of arc 1. Though to be honest, what transpires there is basically what kicks off much of the series. Were it not for Travis and Dr. Abbot ending up there, the rest of arc 1 wouldn’t have happened, nor would arc 2, where Spencer takes up magic. And the events of arc 2 force Beast into retirement for arc 3. The final arc involves a lot of damage to the city and things become nearly apocalyptic. All because of what happened at Visions.

Is there a religious system in place?

Not really. There’s a church, but it’s a nondenominational one and it rarely comes into play.

What is one last thing you would like readers to know all about your world?

I can’t think of anything specific, here. So I’ll just tell them that everyone there says “Hi”.

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