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Centuries ago the Eagle Empire was dominating a big part of the known world. Governed by the descendants of Lucious–the very first Emperor–its subjects prospered under the protection of the Gods. But after Nikanor–the last Emperor–dissolved the Empire and disappeared, everything changed.

The Empire was divided between the Divine Kingdom, the Duchies, the kingdom of Indra (land of the shamans and of the magical spices) and the Jabbar desert, a part of the Empire that once was fertile. Things would continue to be thus for ever but the King’s Lion changed everything.

My books are part of an Epic Fantasy series called The King’s Lion Tales. Two books have already been published and the third book should appear on September 2017. They follow the adventures of military genius General Leandros (The King’s Lion) living in what was the Eagle Empire.

I will let a reader explain the specific characteristic of my tales:

‘One of the special features of the book is the emphasis given on realistic depictions of war. Grant refuses to offer a naive/simplistic account of a heroic battle, where courage trumps all. He turns our attention to what he calls “the logistics of war”, the copious preparation regarding provisions, weapons, assistants, the morale of the soldiers etc. His protagonist, Leandros, is a specialist in organizing a war and every specific battle in it. We are offered a full view on tactics and plans in order to understand the mind game between the opposing armies and fully understand the outcome.’

In the first book, The Forbidden City, Leandros chooses exile to escape a murderous usurper and through his exploits we learn about the history and the various magical elements of his land.

The second book starts where the first ended. The triumphal General goes on vacation with his wife only to be abducted by ex-pirates who ask him to help them free their nation from terrible slavery.

What makes your world special or different?

My fantasy needs explanations about why each kind of magic exists and how can people become its practitioners. I therefore present to my readers details about the origin and the use of magic. There is a good reason for this. Those details are integral part of the storyline of each book and of the whole series.

In every book there are different landscapes and different magical elements:

In the Forbidden City we learn about the God’s magic, the shamans and the precious magical spices of Indra, the elements (air, matter, water, fire) magicians of the Sun Kingdom and of the terrible secret of the Forbidden City.

In the Lion Prophecy we encounter the sea-magic which is exclusively of the female realm and the Seers who can glimpse into the future with the help of the sea.

In the next book the readers will discover the Mother Earth magic, the magic of the leopard-people from the jungle and the powerful Druids who bless the plants.

How does your main character fit into this world?

Throughout the books we learn how Leandros rose from being an orphan to become the undefeated King’s Lion. We follow his exploits in a variety of wars from the lowlands of his homeland to the green meadows of Indra, through the hot Jabbar desert, on islands, inside mines while freeing slaves and of course at sea.

Is there a system of magic? If so, please tell us about it. 

There are various systems of magic. First the Gods’ magic used for healing purposes by the various Churches. Peoples’ prayers to the Gods direct the available magic towards the various religious orders. The magical spices, then, allow the priests to focus their will on tapping into this magic.

Then there is the spirits’ magic, practiced by the Indran shamans, also enhanced by the spices.

There is the elements magic of the Sun Kingdom, whose citizens follow faithfully the guidance from the stars, as expressed by the astrologists.

Add to all that the Seers, the sea-magic, the jungle magic, the Druids and the Mother Earth magic and you can see that, besides spectacular battles and breathtaking duels, romance and humor there is enough magic to satisfy every taste.

Forbidden City

What are the two most interesting facts or features of your world?

I consider the role of the Gods as a crucial element. Once the reader discovers the secrets of the Forbidden City, a lot of things become clearer. Nevertheless, much more about the Gods will be revealed in the third book.

Another interesting element is the interconnection between Earth and sea-magic that we encounter also in the forthcoming book.

How does the landscape or geography of your world affect the plot or theme of the story?

It is of the upmost importance. For example, the magical spices do not grow by chance in the green plateau of Indra. There is a whole magical story about this.

The Jabbar desert was not always barren. It is the relation of its inhabitants to the divinity that determines the fertility of each area. Another example is the jungle with its secrets that are known only to very few who can acquire power through them, whether they are Druids or tribe magicians. Needless to explain why we encounter sea-magic on islands, but the Seers abilities is another story…

Is there a religious system in place?

The three Gods are Ondrus the male God, Ota the female, and the eagle God, Vila the Protector. But, once the secret of the Forbidden City is revealed, the reader learns much more about the divinity’s role.

What is one last thing you would like readers to know all about your world?

The magic of each place is a reflection of its characteristics and its history. The various elements of the world within and around the Eagle Empire will gradually unfold from one book to the next.

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