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For fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and George Martin’s Game of Thrones comes a truly epic,  action-packed  fantasy  with  stunning  female  leads.

The Silk & Steel Saga is a seven book adventure full of knights and swords, love and betrayal, sorcery and seduction. Kingdoms and characters come alive as they are woven together in complex plot twists. Evil is brilliant, handsome, and even seductive, using human nature to deceive, divide, corrupt and conquer. But a word of warning is due, for this saga is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want serious characters with  smart,  complex  plot twists. You empathize with the good and pray they prevail but you truly feast on the bad who are utterly compelling.

What makes your world special or different?

What makes the Silk & Steel Saga truly special and unique is its complexity. This saga revels in the complexity of characters, the complexity of plots and themes, and the vividness of the world. Described as a sophisticated clash between good and evil, the Silk & Steel Saga has over 30 point-of-view characters woven across seven books. Evil is smart, articulate, and devilishly attractive…which makes them scary as hell. And the variety and richness of female characters is unparalleled in epic fantasy. The Silk & Steel Saga plumbs the depths of evil and explores how women gain, keep and wield power in a medieval world.

How does your main character fit into this world?

image 2I love dipping into the treasure trove of history for ideas. One of my main characters, Liandra, the Queen of Lanverness, is based on my own interpretation of Queen Elizabeth I, one of my heroes from history. Elizabeth inherited a kingdom divided by religion, a treasury emptied by the excesses of her father, and a male-dominated court that chafed under a woman’s rule, yet she used her intelligence and beauty to save England and turn it into a powerful empire. Much as Elizabeth did, Liandra rules alone in a male-dominated court, using her beauty to beguile, her spies to foresee and her gold to control, but her success only makes her a target for male rivals from within her kingdom and from without. You’ll have to read the saga to see how she triumphs…or not.

What are the people who inhabit your world like?

The Silk & Steel Saga has some of the most amazing female characters in the fantasy genre.

From a sword-wielding princess who dares to make a difference with her wits and sword, to a strategic queen who uses beauty to beguile, spies to ensnare and gold to control, to a silver-haired grandmother who wields knitting needles and knives, to a succubus-priestess who plies poison and seduction in a bid for immortality, this saga will never let you underestimate the ‘weaker’ sex again.

Are there any magical creatures?

At first glance, the world of the Silk & Steel Saga seems like a ‘normal’ medieval epic fantasy world, but there are three unique races hidden in the kingdoms of Erdhe. Spawned in landscapes drenched by residual magic from the War of Wizards, these three races have unique physical attributes. Two races are exploited by Darkness. Two of the races have unique magical talents, but to say more would give away some of the wonder and mystery of Erdhe.

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What are the two most interesting facts or features of your world?

Architecture is one of my favorite world building elements. The kingdoms of Erdhe are steeped in stunning architecture. From Castlegard’s legendary battlements, to  the Ancestral Spire in the queen’s city, to the nightmare-drenched Gargoyle Gates, to the sinister Flame Temple, to the ensorcelled Guardian Mist, to the dungeons of the Dark Citadel, to the jewel-bright walls of prophecy in the Kiralynn Monastery, the kingdoms of Erdhe shimmer with fabulous settings. The concepts of culture and intent are woven into each of these settings, making them a vibrant part of the story. Some settings are so rich, they nearly become as important as characters, exerting their own influence on the story.

What is one last thing you would like readers to know all about your world?

I’d like to let my fans speak for my books with quotes from reviews posted on Amazon:

“a sophisticated clashing of good and evil,”

“The characters stay with you after you finish the book. Karen’s descriptions are fabulous. The evil even gave me nightmares.”

“I must mention the ladies in this series. They are some of the most complex 3 dimensional female characters I have read.”

“The action is endless and the descriptions wonderful.”

“a shamelessly entertaining series Karen Azinger belongs to a small group of fantasy authors who have restored my faith in traditional fantasy books.”

“Finally! Another option for George RR Martin fans!”