Pipeline Through Purple Mist is an exceptionally entertaining and bizarre romp through the alien-infested Navajo Nation of America’s Southwest.

Alfonzo, recently married, accepts a job contract where he must leave home for a month. While he is away, Al experiences a string of truly bizarre encounters with UFOs, or the Star People, as the local natives call them. For Al is special to the Star People, a man of two spirits. And then the purple mist comes, and Al’s entire world is changed forever, as events become increasingly bizarre and wildly surreal.

I really enjoyed this story. It was fast-paced with so many twists and turns that it kept me glued to the page. What I loved most about it was the way the story is told almost exclusively through dialogue. Not only did this send the pace hurling forward, it sucked me into the characters. Very rarely does the author resort to narrative and the harrowing events play out almost entirely through dialogue.

VanMeter is a master storycrafter who puts a lot of heart and soul into his characters.

You feel like you know them, you grow to care about them, and it’s very easy to become emotionally invested. And then the story is over, leaving you missing your new friends.

In this case, the ending is exceptionally evocative, by I won’t give it away!

The more I read of Alan VanMeter’s work, the bigger a fan I am becoming. What a talented, prolific, and insightful author with a flair for weird and an enviable gift of conveying humanity in all its foibles and grace.

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