Apprentice Arcana Leilana Erovina has the chance to rise to power when she is granted a final test to gain the title of Warlord that she has craved for the last five years. She is assigned to travel about the land of Adrylis and learn one spell from every magical being.

However, there’s a catch–she is not to learn from the ancestors of wizardry before her. Instead, she is assigned to learn something more from the souls that she encounters in the world of Adrylis: humbleness, passion, understanding, laughter, friendship and love.

All magic certainly does come with a price, doesn’t it?

How does your main character fit into this world?

Leilana was born outside of Adrylis and, after losing most of her memories, traveled to Magiten Academy alongside her older brother Ennis, where they were taken in by the headmaster Hinju to study magic. They were under heavy supervision of other Maesters and Arcana, so the school was relatively safe for them. Ennis was considered a prodigy and got to take his final examination towards becoming a Warlord rather early, taking off after a year of study to complete his pilgrimage, leaving Leilana alone with a grimoire called the Lasette, handed down to him from their clan. Four years after his departure, Leilana is set to take her own pilgrimage, and travels throughout Adrylis. She is naïve to the world and has yet to understand much about what has gone on while she was under security—her only knowledge on anything outside of her school came from a portable radio that she bought when a traveling merchant ventured in, providing them access to the outside world before promptly being kicked out. It became her only tie to Adrylis before her journey officially began, where she was to gather totems that represent the emotions of laughter, understanding, humbleness, friendship, passion and love, found in other people that she is to encounter along the way. After encountering wayward prince Remiel and his attendant Solus, her bond to Adrylis became more close-knit.


Is there a system of magic?

~The system of magic falls onto people that are blessed with the power by Warlords, a group of powerful mages that are tasked with keeping the order of Adrylis by guarding each region and making sure that unidentifiable threats are dealt with before they can eradicate others. The “lesser” beings are known as Maesters (male) and Arcana (female), who conjure various magical skills ranging from elements to vocal shockwaves, and everything in between. There is also a rare breed of mages called Bloodlinch, the most notable one being Adrylis’s prince Remiel Vesarus. A Bloodlinch is the offspring of a mage of any ranking and a normal human that possesses no magic, in Rem’s case, his mother being an Arcana and his father a mortal of nobility. Children that are born of Bloodlinch breed are often not accepted among any culture because their origins are considered taboo.

Are there any magical creatures?

Adrylis has many “normal” beasts such as wolves, rabbits, chickens, etc. However, there are also creatures called Dirionus (deary-own-us), hand-chosen familiars by the Warlords. They guard the lands in place of their masters, fallen or spirited away to other manners, and can transform into formidable monsters while keeping their more miniature stature to maneuver their lands in secrecy.

How does the landscape or geography of your world affect the plot or theme of the story?

One of the most noticeable features about Adrylis when compared to the world of Nimestria from my series “The One Left Behind,” there are smaller towns, less cities, and broader forests and landscapes—the world of Adrylis is more naturally inclined due to the terrains that developed with each generation. And we’ve barely tipped the iceberg with Adrylis. In future stories or events, where time has come to pass, it could become more mechanical. It could be a crumbling dystopia. It could even cease to exist altogether. The war of the magically inclined plays a key in the plot, and with a new era seeking to rise, the world could turn on its head faster than anything.

What is one last thing you would like readers to know all about your world?

The world may be small, even insignificant, but the people in it are what will shape it into something greater.


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