Source-Breaker is a fantasy novel about a sorcerer who is hijacking power from the world’s Sources of magic and performing dangerous experiments that put all the world’s Sources in peril. Kaniev, a failed Source-Fixer, discovers this plot and sets out to stop the sorcerer and save Fransisa, a priestess of Source Chaitrasse who is swept up in the sorcerer’s diabolic scheme.

I really enjoyed Source-Breaker. I found the entire system of magic unique and intriguing.

The protagonist, Kaniev, is very likeable in a roguish sort of way. The heroine of the story, Fransisa, seems a little arrogant at first but then is brought down pretty epically by an event that was truly disturbing. Both Kaniev and Fransisa have their own inner demons to battle, while at the same time distrusting each other and confronting the sorcerer, which makes for a pretty turbulent plot.  This book is a quick read that drags you ahead at full speed. I had a very hard time putting it down!