A Wizard’s Forge (Book One of The Woern Saga) by A.M. Justice is a gracefully-woven tale with a strong female protagonist.

This novel is about the progression of the main character through a series of sometimes brutally appalling tribulations that ultimately forges her destiny. Vic is a strong character who manages to defy many of the stereotypical roles female protagonists of fantasy usually find themselves relegated to.

There’s a lot to like about this book.

The cover is dazzling, and the editing and formatting are both superb. The main character has a laudable amount of spirit and backbone despite the many disturbing trials she faces on her journey from scholar to slave to wizard.

The pace is brisk, for the most part, although there are a few places where it lags a bit. The plot is rarely predictable, taking many unexpected twists and turns. There is a darkness to the tone that I found very satisfying. There were a couple of places where I was a little mystified by a plot development but, overall,

A Wizard’s Forge is a very good read.

A.M. Justice has danced tango beneath the wings of angels, played hide and seek with harbor seals, and sought distant galaxies from dusk to dawn. It’s been a while since she’s donned her tango shoes, but she still scuba dives and star gazes whenever the seas are calm enough and the skies dark enough. Hiking to isolated swimming holes, exploring ancient cathedrals, and dining with friends are among her favorite things, but she really loves sitting with a cat on her lap while a beloved movie plays on TV.

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