Proto Child is a unique and absorbing piece told by an expert storyteller.

Proto Child by Alan VanMeter is about a hybrid half-alien half-human species who is created in a lab and allowed to run roughshod throughout the Southwest and then, later, far beyond that. The protagonist, Sugar, is an endearingly naïve young female humanoid with some rather extraordinary, and sometimes disturbing, abilities. Like the ability to change forms—into a rock wall or even a stripper—you name it. She is also highly intelligent and obsessed with human arousal.  I’m not going to lie—this story is not for prudes and definitely for an adult audience!

Proto Child is an absorbing story that carries the reader along. It does, however, contain some scenes that border on erotica. There are some pretty raunchy moments for those who enjoy some not-so-run-of-the-mill romance. The novel is actually chocked full of everything from interspecies action to solicitation…the list is rather varied and highly imaginative. There was literally never a dull moment in this book! It was impossible to get bored, and I found myself utterly absorbed, compelled to flip the page.Adult content aside, it was the character-driven plot that enthralled me.

The characterization is exceptionally well done, as is the dialogue.

The story moves forward at a frantic pace. There is also quite a bit of depth to the novel, which is a nice treat. I am definitely looking forward to reading more works by this author in the future.

Alan VanMeter lives a very quiet life in Albuquerque, reading and writing science fiction stories, which has been a lifelong thrill. Some of the recurring themes he writes about include Chinese martial arts, most especially the Taoist-derived arts. His study of Taoism has led him to a much more complete understanding of how the universe behaves. Alan incorporates these ideas into his stories. He also has a keen interest in Area 51, as he discovered that his father had actually worked there unbeknownst to the rest of his family. His first story titled ‘Ghosts of the Secret Desert’, scribed under the pen name Alex VanDamn, details this discovery.

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