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The Epic World of The King’s Lion by Alexander Grant

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Centuries ago the Eagle Empire was dominating a big part of the known world. Governed by the descendants of Lucious–the very first Emperor–its subjects prospered under the protection of the Gods. But after Nikanor–the last Emperor–dissolved the Empire and disappeared, everything changed.

The Empire was divided between the Divine Kingdom, the Duchies, the kingdom of Indra (land of the shamans and of the magical spices) and the Jabbar desert, a part of the Empire that once was fertile. Things would continue to be thus for ever but the King’s Lion changed everything.

My books are part of an Epic Fantasy series called The King’s Lion Tales. Two books have already been published and the third book should appear on September 2017. They follow the adventures of military genius General Leandros (The King’s Lion) living in what was the Eagle Empire.

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The Epic World of Starrs by Adelle Yeung



Fifteen-year-old Michelle saves the world on a daily basis…with her trusty video game controller, of course! Naturally, she jumps at the chance to play an experimental virtual reality game.

The beautiful fantasy world of Starrs? Check. The power to mold matter? Check. No reset button? Wait, she didn’t sign up for this!

Turns out Starrs is really real, and to make matters worse, Michelle’s interference awakens the Cycle of the Six Moons, a series of devastating trials that will devour the universe.

Fighting the apocalypse was way easier when danger stayed on the other side of the screen, but Michelle finds a secret weapon in her new-found powers. She uses them to rescue the crown prince of a powerful magic kingdom from their sworn enemies, a technologically-advanced cult that strives to eradicate magical blood.

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The Grimdark World of Frank Dorrian



To Brave the End is a grimdark fantasy novella about a swordsman called Harruvard – or Red Harry.

He is featured in my first novel, The Shadow of the High King, as a side character among the crew of the Blackshield Dogs. It’s primarily his origin story, a character chronicle, telling the tale of who he was before he came to earn his moniker Red Harry and how he eventually came to join the Blackshield Dogs. It’s the first in a series of shorter, character-driven fiction I’ll be writing based around the members of the Blackshield Dogs mercenary company.

What makes your world special or different?

I think my world feels very burned-out, almost weary, like it’s drawn thin and close to wearing through. A lot of what once was is gone and forgotten, and its people live in a time of decay, heading slowly toward their version of the Dark Ages.

How does your main character fit into this world?

Harruvard is just an average man trying to get by as best he can, at least before the events of To Brave the End. Besides a history of savagery when fighting for his sworn lord and fair talent with a sword, you could pretty much say he’s quite unremarkable in a lot of ways. He’s certainly no hero, and has more than his fair share of failings, like all people do.

Is there a system of magic?

17759243_10154453506065895_1409912901_oThere is, though it doesn’t feature in To Brave the End, as Harruvard and the characters within that book are quite far removed from it and the goings on surrounding it, both by time and distance.

The magic system has a couple of names, depending on which culture it’s being wielded by. Some call it the Weaving, others call it the Earthbond. It’s mostly focused upon a ‘oneness’ with the earth and with life, and is not overly extravagant.

Mostly, it has been forgotten about by the world in my books, but for any who have read my first novel, The Shadow of the High King, it is beginning to appear again. Its users vary in power and potential depending on how close their blood ties are to the race of people it originated from. They also have particular talents in it, some are more offensive and aggressive with how they wield it, while others are more covert in the nature of their power. Continue reading “The Grimdark World of Frank Dorrian”

Book Review: Dark Mage, M. L. Spencer (2011). Book 2: The Rhenwars Saga. 

Pumpkin and Egg.

The second instalment of the Rhenwars Saga, Darkmage, is an exciting new adventure in Aerysius with characters old and new that captivate the readers attention from the very beginning. Definitely more adventurous than the first novel, Darkmage takes us into the future of Aerysius, where the Prime Warden continues to hold the power of rule, and Sentinels are the main source of protection for its people. However there is another threat, ready to destroy everything.

Darien quickly became my favourite character in this novel. His strength and determination goes above and beyond most, and the pain he suffers is something unusual in terms of storyline. We first meet Darien as he comes home to a ceremony that delivers his power as a Mage. It is his story that we follow throughout the book, and the impact he has on those he holds dear. His brother, Aiden being the Enemy that…

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The Epic Kingdoms of Erdhe by Karen Azinger

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For fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and George Martin’s Game of Thrones comes a truly epic,  action-packed  fantasy  with  stunning  female  leads.

The Silk & Steel Saga is a seven book adventure full of knights and swords, love and betrayal, sorcery and seduction. Kingdoms and characters come alive as they are woven together in complex plot twists. Evil is brilliant, handsome, and even seductive, using human nature to deceive, divide, corrupt and conquer. But a word of warning is due, for this saga is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want serious characters with  smart,  complex  plot twists. You empathize with the good and pray they prevail but you truly feast on the bad who are utterly compelling.

What makes your world special or different?

What makes the Silk & Steel Saga truly special and unique is its complexity. This saga revels in the complexity of characters, the complexity of plots and themes, and the vividness of the world. Described as a sophisticated clash between good and evil, the Silk & Steel Saga has over 30 point-of-view characters woven across seven books. Evil is smart, articulate, and devilishly attractive…which makes them scary as hell. And the variety and richness of female characters is unparalleled in epic fantasy. The Silk & Steel Saga plumbs the depths of evil and explores how women gain, keep and wield power in a medieval world.

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The Epic World of Valchondria by Duane Simolke



In an alternate reality, an Iroquois woman and her twin gay sons battle shapeshifting aliens.

Telius simply wants to marry the man he loves. Argen struggles with the residual effects of a deadly drug addiction. Both twins help their mother face Valchondria’s greatest threats.

Taldra accepted the title of Leader for Valchondria’s one-world government. Maintainer Admiral Nil blames her for a series of tragedies and might pose an even greater threat than the changelings that want to feed on humanity.

Native American storytelling inspired this stand-alone sequel to Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure.

What makes your world special or different?

Most of the characters are people of color. Many of them are gay or bisexual, but they don’t see that as controversial in any way. Women hold some of the most powerful positions. Unfortunately, they struggle with other forms of prejudice.

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Review of Pipeline Through Purple Mist by Alan VanMeter


Pipeline Through Purple Mist is an exceptionally entertaining and bizarre romp through the alien-infested Navajo Nation of America’s Southwest.

Alfonzo, recently married, accepts a job contract where he must leave home for a month. While he is away, Al experiences a string of truly bizarre encounters with UFOs, or the Star People, as the local natives call them. For Al is special to the Star People, a man of two spirits. And then the purple mist comes, and Al’s entire world is changed forever, as events become increasingly bizarre and wildly surreal.

I really enjoyed this story. It was fast-paced with so many twists and turns that it kept me glued to the page. What I loved most about it was the way the story is told almost exclusively through dialogue. Not only did this send the pace hurling forward, it sucked me into the characters. Very rarely does the author resort to narrative and the harrowing events play out almost entirely through dialogue.

VanMeter is a master storycrafter who puts a lot of heart and soul into his characters.

You feel like you know them, you grow to care about them, and it’s very easy to become emotionally invested. And then the story is over, leaving you missing your new friends.

In this case, the ending is exceptionally evocative, by I won’t give it away!

The more I read of Alan VanMeter’s work, the bigger a fan I am becoming. What a talented, prolific, and insightful author with a flair for weird and an enviable gift of conveying humanity in all its foibles and grace.

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The Epic Future of Julia Dream

jd_cover_010cover 2 ebook

In a not too distant future, a nuclear war has decimated mankind.

Three centuries later, survivors live barricaded in cities controlled by the Human Empire, while the inhabitants of the countryside have been mutated by radiation and live in the forests surrounding urban settlements, waging war on the humans. 

When both her parents die in a fire, Julia is left to cope alone with a highly bureaucratic and regulated system, with very few select allies. As her loyalty undergoes increasingly harder tests, Julia draws attention to herself with her cold blood and fierce resolve in battle.
Constantly on the edge between independent spirit and military discipline, Julia will have to decide how to use the power that has been granted her.

What makes your world special or different?

It’s a post-apocalyptic dystopia, but differs from most contemporary dystopian settings because of exclusively sci-fi elements introduced towards the end of the novel, like space travel and aliens.

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The Epic World of Adrylis by Shakyra Dunn


Apprentice Arcana Leilana Erovina has the chance to rise to power when she is granted a final test to gain the title of Warlord that she has craved for the last five years. She is assigned to travel about the land of Adrylis and learn one spell from every magical being.

However, there’s a catch–she is not to learn from the ancestors of wizardry before her. Instead, she is assigned to learn something more from the souls that she encounters in the world of Adrylis: humbleness, passion, understanding, laughter, friendship and love.

All magic certainly does come with a price, doesn’t it?

How does your main character fit into this world?

Leilana was born outside of Adrylis and, after losing most of her memories, traveled to Magiten Academy alongside her older brother Ennis, where they were taken in by the headmaster Hinju to study magic. They were under heavy supervision of other Maesters and Arcana, so the school was relatively safe for them. Ennis was considered a prodigy and got to take his final examination towards becoming a Warlord rather early, taking off after a year of study to complete his pilgrimage, leaving Leilana alone with a grimoire called the Lasette, handed down to him from their clan. Four years after his departure, Leilana is set to take her own pilgrimage, and travels throughout Adrylis. She is naïve to the world and has yet to understand much about what has gone on while she was under security—her only knowledge on anything outside of her school came from a portable radio that she bought when a traveling merchant ventured in, providing them access to the outside world before promptly being kicked out. It became her only tie to Adrylis before her journey officially began, where she was to gather totems that represent the emotions of laughter, understanding, humbleness, friendship, passion and love, found in other people that she is to encounter along the way. After encountering wayward prince Remiel and his attendant Solus, her bond to Adrylis became more close-knit.

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